Hwyl Nofio: The Beholder's Share Film and Music

13th May 2019

Hwyl Nofio - The Beholder's Share Installation 2019 from miley on Vimeo.

We are thrilled to launch online our collaboration with avant-garde musician Hwyl Nofio: an immersive film/music piece, The Beholder’s Share.

Hwyl Nofio have long fascinated us. Their elusive melancholy and abstraction has always cried out for visuals. Their conceptual, immersive, often aching sound should be listened to alone, in darkness. When we heard they were going into installation art, we were keen to bring them to York. The Beholder’s Share, which played in an immersive theatre at the Art& exhibition in 2016, is a play on perception; seeing that every work is incomplete without the interpretation of the observer and meaning can’t be pigeonholed, only interrelated to our own experience or understanding.

Hwyl Nofio Bandcamp
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